Chuck wins Senior Fiddle, Old-TIme Banjo, & the Fleming Award at the FL Old-Time Music Championships

The Florida Old-Time Music Championships (FOTMC) had its 30th anniversary on April 6-7 2012, back at its original site, the Pioneer Florida Museum, in Dade City, Florida. FOTMC is one of the central yearly gatherings for old-time musicians in the sunshine state. The competition is both serious and friendly. We tend to cheer each other on and wish each other well.
I was lucky to be accompanied by guitarist extraordinaire, Bill Dudley, who provided just the right kind of support allowing me to sound my best. With Bill’s help I was fortunate to win first place in both the Senior Fiddle and the Old-Ti
me Banjo contests, and to be honored with the Edward Lee Fleming Award, which “is presented to someone who is outstanding on a single instrument, or in recognition of exceptional versatility on a number of instruments. It reflects the judges' opinion that the recipient is an accomplished musician who exemplifies the spirit of old time music.”

My thanks to Ernie Williams and Jim Strickland who organize the event, and to the cozy Florida Old-Time community (including many who live outside the state) who make this event possible.

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