From the recording Belecha/Mariam Sajoe

These are two songs I learned from Remi Diatta while I was in Lamin, Gambia.

Remi doesn't speak English, and I don't speak Jola, so Daniel Jatta translated. However, Daniel's Dialect is a little different than Remi's so there may have been some slippage.

This is what Daniel translated from Remi: Belecha is a beuatiful girl who is asked by her boyfriend to kneel down in front of him in public so that the community will know that she is in love with him so that nobody else can take her from him. Miriam Sajoe is a beautiful woman who disappointed a suitor by keeping company with another man. In the songthe jilted suitor is saying "My beautiful girl named Mariam Sajoe left me but I won't blame her. I wil ljust have to accept that it is the will of God.