Dung Flingers WIn First Place 

Had a lovely weekend at the Annual Florida State Fiddlers convention. The event was organized at the Sertoma Youth Ranch in Dade City By Ron-Carol Whisler, and featured Joseph DeCosimo as our guest artist! Joe was a wonderful player, teacher, story teller and interpreter of old-time music. The weather was cool and breezy, good for sleep or staying up late. A special pleasure was forming a band fr the string band contest with Kay Van Treese, Tom Van Treese, Mary Allgire ,and Aisha Ivey. Seeings we were…

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Chuck's Terrific Summer Adventure! 

Hello Friends,


I am winding up a most marvelous summer adventure.  This all started some months ago when 1) we decided to buy a 1991 Roadtrek that turned up for sale in our neighborhood, and 2) I got invited to join the Midwest Banjo Camp which took place June 5- 8.  I decided to drive up to the camp, which takes place in Olivet Michigan, and on the way, make brief stops Columbus and Cleveland Ohio.

Of course, to do this, I had to leave my dear daughters, wife, and precious poochie.  I am grateful for…

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Chuck Levy WIns First Place in the State Banjo Contest at the Florida Folk Festival 

I competed in the banjo contest, sponsored by the Florida Banjo Society, at the Florida Folk Festival, 5.26.13

Sometimes it is obvious which contestants are going to get ribbons, but in this instance, I couldn’t tell at all. I was fairly satisfied with my tunes (Mississippi Sawyer and Rock the Cradle, Joe), but a number of contestants played great. It ended with Gordon Scott placing third, and with
Gailanne Amundsen (of Jubal's Kin) and me in a tie for first, forcing a rapid one tune play-off. My

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Chuck Plays the Harn Museum of Art, June 14th 2012 

On Thursday, June 14th, I was privileged to play at the University of Florida’s Harn Museum of Art.  The room was grand: large and resonant, yet with a personal, intimate atmosphere.   The banjos rang, the fiddle purred and howled, the music of generations joining the brushed strokes, and carved objects, illuminating them and being reflected by them, all drawing together before an appreciative audience.

Chuck Levy on Mars 

Had a wonderful time at the Mars Hill Blue Ridge Old-Time Music Week last week, where I led “Advanced Clawhammer Banjo 2”.  I was lucky to have a class of willing and eager banjoists as we tackled Dead Man’s Piece and Big Scioty in Last Chance tuning (gDGDE or fCFCD), explored bass and up-the-neck variations of Mississippi Sawyer, deconstructed Roustabout, and aided Santa Anna in his retreat.  One of my favorite moments was when with fifteen minutes left in class on Friday, at the end of a long and…

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Chuck wins Senior Fiddle, Old-TIme Banjo, & the Fleming Award at the FL Old-Time Music Championships 

The Florida Old-Time Music Championships (FOTMC) had its 30th anniversary on April 6-7 2012, back at its original site, the Pioneer Florida Museum, in Dade City, Florida. FOTMC is one of the central yearly gatherings for old-time musicians in the sunshine state. The competition is both serious and friendly. We tend to cheer each other on and wish each other well.
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Chuck Levy will Teach Advanced Banjo at Mars Hill 

Hello Friends,

Just a notice to let you know that I will be teaching “Advanced Clawhammer Banjo 2” at the Mars Hill Blue Ridge Old-Time Music Week June 3rd-9th at Mars Hill College just north of Asheville, North Carolina.    I am looking forward to a week of intense music making and fun, and would be very tickled to have you join us.  For more information on Mars Hill, check http://www.mhc.edu/oldtimemusic

Class Description:

This class is designed to expand repertoire and technique, with attention to…

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Transcript of Interview with Laemouahuma (Daniel) Jatta 

An Interview with Laemouahuma (Daniel) Jatta

By Chuck Levy ©2012


In 2007, an unexpected series of events led me to Gambia where, amongst the Jola people and under the care of musician and scholar Laemouahuma (Daniel) Jatta, I would learn to play the akonting, (ekonting) a banjo-like instrument from that region.  (Although he is known to many Westerners as Daniel, I’ve learned that Jatta actually prefers his birth-name, Laemouahuma.)  Laemouahuma arranged my lodging and transportation in The Gambia, and…

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Camps, House Concerts, Workshops, Dances etc. 

Hello Friends,

Greetings from Gainesville, Florida.  It is has been a long time since I have written, so here’s an update of recent happenings.

First and foremost I am blessed with a happy, healthy family.

This past summer I had an opportunity to teach banjo at the Mars Hill College Blue Ridge Old-Time Week.  My old pal, Hilarie Burhans and I taught advanced clawhammer together.  We had a crew of talented, friendly students to share music with.  It was big fun.  I conducted an akonting workshop, where I…

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