From Banjo Newsletter, October 2007 page 34-35. Scratching and Clawing by Chuck Levy Red Dog Records no.0 Review by Adam Hurt I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with the music of Floridian Chuck Levy through his CD “Scratching and Clawing”. While Chuck and I have not met, I was already familiar with his name, if not his music. Now, upon listening to his CD, I can confidently say that his is a name which BNL that should become familiar!... Chuck’s clawhammer banjo playing is intricate and engaging, but also consistently clean and tasteful throughout, a sort of ideal combination many players seek but few achieve. He demonstrates particular facility when playing a six string fretless banjo (also built by Ken Bloom), and really makes the most of that extra low string, but his work is delicious regardless of the banjo used. The several fiddle-banjo duets are quite tight with nice interplay between the instruments…, This is an enjoyable recording that I would not hesitate to recommend. It will please anyone who likes to hear very well-played clawhammer banjo, and the interesting selection of tunes should satisfy those who are tired of hearing the same old stuff. In the liner notes Chuck says, “I hope this CD reflects the warmth of friendship I feel towards the three accomplished and generous musicians who have joined me on this project”. Even not knowing any of the players involved, I found this sense of comfortable fellowship coming across loud and clear throughout, which is the sort of personal touch that too many musicians forego in favor of a more impersonal, sterile sound. This is good music played by friends who are clearly enjoying themselves and making the most of each other’s presence and input, and it is well worth hearing.” - Adam Hurt

— Banjo Newsletter