Banjourneys Kickoff

Hello Friends, Thanks for stopping by. I hope your lives are well and in good tune. Two weeks ago, I received my shipment of my new CD entitled Banjourneys. It culminates a two year process that started with the release of Scratching and Clawing in 2007. SInce then, I have travelled to Gambia and Senegal twice to learn the Akonting (ekonting) from master Jola musicians Remi and Ekona Diatta, saw the release of OT-6 by Gold Tone, a 6 string banjo designed by Wayne Rogers, president of Gold Tone and myself, as well as the founding of the Florida Banjo Society. I was joined by Mike Eberle and Dave Forbes for the effort, with Bob Carlin at the helm as producer and engineer. The cover was created by New Yorker cartoonist, Roz Chast, who was a pleasure to work with. The rest of the package was created by Tina Riedel, a brilliant artist who was once my high school sweetheart, and now is my dear friend. I am excited by the music which includes songs and tunes from the Jola, form the minstrel era, to old-time tunes, a cowboy lament and a Rolling Stones cover.

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