Banjourneys makes Banjo Newsletter's Best of 2009 list

I was leafing through the January copy of Banjo Newsletter looking at this and that. I started reading Don Nitchie's "Callous Thumb" column on the best recordings of 2009. Don starts with bluegrass, profiling Jessie Baker's debut, Chris Warner's "Going to the Dance", and Danny Barne's "Pizza Box", amongst others. I thought, "all good". Then the focus shifted to clawhammer: There was Kevin Fore's "Frolic in Round Peak" and "Shout Mona" by the Haints. Again, good choices. And, Holy Crap, next is me! Who'd have thought? "Florida Banjo Champion Chuck Levy's Banjourneys is a simply-produced old time banjo and banjonting (modeled after the West African akonting) and fiddle release. I found this CD very affecting in its sparseness". Yahoo! Go sparseness! (and thanks to Bob Carlin for recording, producing and engineeering the project)! Woo Hoo!

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